The Chief Happiness Officer Association celebrate first year anniversary

The Chief Happiness Officer Association was established last year today (November 25th) led by our Founder and Executive Chairman Ms. Mary Suen. Our vision to build a platform for all stakeholders to co-create a happy and healthy environment in every organization, thus advancing corporate culture excellence in Hong Kong and the Region.

In just one year, the association is grateful for the support from all walks of life. The association has joined hands with more than 100 enterprises to hold corporate cultural activities and training courses, including thousands of officials, business, research, and academia, together we aim to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. The 2nd CHO Appreciation Award was held on November 11th, in recognition of the significant contributions made by the winning companies to the practice and promotion of CHO culture in Hong Kong.

On the first anniversary of the establishment of the association, we would like to thank iDance for producing CHO theme song, interpreting the mission of association, it is inspiring and energetic! The association also produced a video to celebrate the first anniversary, let us recall the happy moments together!