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CHO Review 2023

1. 【Unleashing Radiant Workplace Bliss: Shattering the Icy Myths of IT Environments】

ASK IT Limited is a company that places significant emphasis on employee happiness through a range of initiatives spanning different areas. In the sphere of Corporate Wellness, the company highly values its employees and recognizes their pivotal role in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Let’s watch and discover the key factors of happiness with ASK IT!

2.【 Canon Hong Kong receives the "Top 10 Happiest Companies Award" for its symbiotic business concept and joyful work culture.】

Canon has garnered exceptional achievements, making it one of the Top 10 Happy Companies To Work For 2023. Plentiful resources have been invested in providing individual and team training programs as well as educational subsidies for their employees. Moreover, their headquarters has implemented the “Rolling Stone Program,” which allows nominated staff to work in Canon offices worldwide and engage in learning experience exchanges with overseas colleagues.

3.【 IKEA values employee uniqueness and fosters overall workplace well-being.】

In 2023, IKEA was honoured with the CHO Appreciation Award 2023, recognized as one of the “Top 10 Happy Company to Work For.” This achievement highlights IKEA’s success in integrating its corporate culture into every detail, not only dedicated to improving customer lives but also profoundly influencing the working experience and quality of life for its employees. The Chief Happiness Officer Association invites three IKEA employees from different departments to share their happy workplace experiences at IKEA! Let’s watch the video!


Located in Shandong Province’s Penglai wine region, Mystic Island Winery skillfully combines art, love, and care into its operations to provide a genuinely magical experience. The team, which includes local farmers, experts in grape growing, and estate masters from Canada and New Zealand, is headed by the owner, Ms. Rita. This diverse workforce fosters an inclusive culture by embodying a spirit of mutual aid, respect, open-mindedness, and continual learning. In 2023, Mystic Island was recognized as “Top 5 Happy SME to Work For.”

5. 【PerksBar:Gamification Concept Creating a Fun and Relaxing Workplace Vibe】

PerksBar, the pioneer in Hong Kong introducing the concept of “gamification” in HR software, has cultivated a relaxed and cheerful work environment through its unique culture. PerksBar’s commitment to employee wellness has led to remarkable improvements in mental health, job satisfaction, energy levels, engagement, performance, and team morale. As a result of these accomplishments, PerksBar Limited has earned a place among the Top 5 Happy SME to work for in 2023. Let’s Watch CHO Review discovering PerksBar Amazing Workplace Concepts!

6. 【Quality Health Medical Service: Diversified activities for co-creating a joyful work culture】

As a private healthcare provider in Hong Kong, Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited (QHMS) understand the importance of their people’s well-being and strive to provide a healthy and happy workplace for their people.

QHMS provide wellness activities to encourage their people to take care of their mental and physical health, e.g. steps challenge on the Blua Health app and Mini Olympics. The employee-led Smile Team also helps organize different wellness classes, for example, online yoga classes and running classes. This year, QHMS uplifts their wellness benefits as well to encourage their employees to better manage their own health.

QHMS also provides mental wellness workshops to frontline employees to help them manage their stress and relax. Work-life balance is encouraged through events like Quality Healthcare Family Fun Day, where employees can bring their families together for a day of fun and connect with other colleagues.

By virtue of their exceptional achievements, QHMS merited the “Top 10 Happy Company To Work For” award in recognition of their commitment to ensuring employee happiness by prioritizing employees’ wellbeing.

7.【Creating Joyful Atmosphere Together: A Happy Working Environment Originating from a “Warm” Culture at Towngas】

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) strives to be a company filled with a joyful and inclusive atmosphere, promoting a “warm” culture. Towngas was named one of the ”Top 10 Happy Companies To Work For 2023“. This honour recognises the Company’s outstanding performance, reflecting its achievements in corporate management and employee well-being. Let’s listen to the heartwarming workplace stories shared by the three members of the Towngas Family!