Company Visit

1.【 Konica Minolta Hong Kong】

20 Jun 2022

Members of the association were honored to have the support of Konica Minolta Business Systems (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. for a corporate visit. During the visit, we would like to thank Mr. Robert Ip, Managing Director of Konica Minolta Business Systems (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd for sharing the importance of people transformation. Mr. Ip recalled Konica Minolta’s transformation from the traditional printer industry to people transformation for technicians. The process required a lot of time and mindset changes, but he had full confidence in the entire team. As a result, he innovated through job types and introduced new products, successfully led the enterprise to improve the cultural transformation.

Mr.Ip described Konica Minolta’s services as “a diverse cabinets”, with the core concept of enhancing the value of talents for the enterprise, providing various business solutions and reducing repetitive tasks for employees. On the one hand, employees can free up more time to make suggestions for the enterprise; on the other hand, the automation of operation can reduce industrial accidents or occupational strain problems, and ensure the physical and mental safety of employees. Especially, the offers a series of professional robotics solutions such as customized cleaning robots. The goal is to make employees feel more personal value and more efficient. The most important thing is Make employees happy at work.

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