Soul-searching Leadership Retreat
for Cultivating Resilience and Sustainable Business
Executive Program

Embark on a transformative leadership quest, 

surrounded by nature’s tranquillity!

An Exclusive Retreat to Refresh minds, Gain Inspirations, Elevate Business in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) Environment.

The 1st CHOA “Integral Soul-searching Leadership Retreat for Cultivating Resilience and Sustainable Business” at Integral (Guilin) – Esquel’s Sustainable Development Garden


2023.10.10 – 2023.10.13


You are most welcome to join the retreat to enrich your knowledge of ESG and sustainability practices, empowering your business to thrive and adapt in the face of challenges. Foster a harmonious and joyful work environment while equipping yourself with practical tools to drive sustainable transformation. Engage in direct dialogues with industry leaders and peers, gaining valuable insights and expanding your network. Rejuvenate your mindset, find inspiration and propel your business to new heights.

Key Speakers (not limited to)

about integral


Day 1

  • Integral’s Introduction and Tour
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Fireside Chat

Day 2

  • Natural Dye Plantation Tour and Workshop
  • Inspirational Dialogue on Esquel’s Sustainable People Strategy
  • Interaction with Young Talents : Future & Sustainability
  • Dialogue and Visit: Digital and Business Transformation Journey of Esquel Group and Monk Fruit Corp
  • Signature Dinner and Immersive Experience

Day 3

  • Morning Wellness Experience
  • Leadership Chat with Ms. Teresa Yang
  • Mindfulness Experience
  • Leadership Forum
  • Reflection and Group Exercise – Building a Resilient Culture
  • City Tour Exploration

Day 4

  • Guilin historical visit:

– Lingqu Canal  : inspiration of ancient disruption

or Long Hair Culture of Yao Ethnic Group : embracing adaptive culture

Program fee

HKD $16800/Person

  • Hotel and high-speed tickets are not included
  • CHOA Members enjoy 10% Exclusive Discount
  • Each company can nominate max. two participants (extra $1000 off when two travel together)


Ms. Mary Suen, at 9608 8888

Ms. Veronica Li, at 6263 6263