Happy work culture and awareness of health

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CHO Association promotes sustainable projects regarding happy work culture and awareness of health. Many companies in Hong Kong are attaching great importance to the satisfaction of their employees. They believe happy workers would make the business more productive, which leads to a win-win situation.

To achieve the goal of best health, we also facilitate companies’ attention to workers’ physical and mental health. A clear understanding of psychological conditions and frequent adjustments to their physical and mental states will help improve the harmony of the company and practice targeted and sincere communication.

Happiness can spread through close social interactions and bring social cohesion. Happy employees are the most vocal and persuasive advocates for their organizations. We also look forward to establishing communication and interaction between members and society, which helps inject new energy and drive the transformation to the company.

Hong Kong Workplace Happiness Index for Corporation

CHO Association and The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong collaborate on corporate research. The research team led by a group of professors collects and studies corporate happiness data in different industries, and will be certified by SGS. The data will be quantified and analysed and reported to let everyone realize the actual situation of the corporate happiness index as well as reflect the current corporate workplace culture.

We have a professional and systematic evaluation platform to consolidate relevant information. A press conference will be held every six months to keep the organizations informed of the latest corporate happiness index, which is conducive to the development of corresponding improvement plans at all levels of society, and the way to establish effective working relationships with internal and external customers, colleagues and management to maintain a positive working environment.