【CHOA x TLC Introducing the all-new "Cheers! CHO" Innovative Employee Welfare Program】

In today’s world, the values and expectations of young talent are changing. They seek more than just salary and benefits from their work. They prioritize work-life balance, personal growth opportunities, and a supportive corporate culture. As business leaders, it’s crucial to adapt and design employee welfare programs that meet these evolving needs.

Partnering with Total Loyalty Company, a leading provider of employee engagement and corporate wellbeing programs, CHOA has curated a tailored solution for companies to implement a sustainable, year-round program through a simple and effective subscription model.

An employee welfare program that meets evolving needs.

For a nominal monthly subscription fee based on your staff numbers, your employees can access all information through a 「Cheers! CHO」 program portal and app, with individual logins provided for each staff member. Registered members can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Exclusive access to over 200 staff discounts for popular brands and special offers.
  • Monthly webinars covering trending topics on total wellbeing, from physical and mental health to social and financial aspects.
  • Regular competitions, giveaways, and lucky draws offering VIP experiences and workshops for your staff.
  • Leadership training modules for your top management, conducted by CHOA.
Subscription Fee

【Trial Period】 $60 per member/month for the first 3 months

【After 3 months】Unit subscriptions: $80 per member/month for at least 6 months

【Annual Subscription】$60 per member/month throughout the year

Want a tailor-made solution? A company-branded portal is available!

For more details on this ready-made happy workplace solution, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chief Happiness Officer Association Secretariat at 6263 6263 or email info@choassociation.org.