Corporate Cultural Transformation Consultation

A process of identifying and implementing changes to a company’s culture to improve its overall performance and success. It involves analyzing the company’s existing culture, identifying areas that require improvement, and developing a strategy to make the necessary changes. This type of consultation is often sought out by companies that are experiencing challenges in areas such as employee engagement, communication, and collaboration.

The support and management philosophy of senior leaders are keen to the success of corporate cultural transformation. Through the periodic team meeting and executive coaching for senior leaders, it helps them to reflect on readiness for cultural transformation, understand the benefits of embracing cultural transformation, handle personal challenges and enhance the managerial capability, thereby achieving the corporate’s goal. 

Program Features :

  • Conducted by experienced executive coach and consultant in corporate cultural transformation.
  • Periodic team meeting with senior leaders to reflect and implement cultural transformation action plan. 
  • Personalized one-on-one coaching to maximize the senior leaders’ personal and professional performance. 
  • Ensure the set-up of specific and measurable action plans that echo the corporate’s goal.

Expected Outcomes :

  • Maximize the capability of the senior leaders to reach their full potential.
  • Enable corporations to successfully address every element of culture change.

Target Participants :

This program is suitable for corporates that are desperate to transform their corporate culture. It is aimed at C-suite level executives and key drivers for corporate cultural transformation