Leaders set the tone for a work culture that is positive and taps into everyone’s unique strengths and motivations. A great leader is also a model for work-life balance and stepping up to challenges.Some research shows employees perform better for managers who care about them. Leaders who stay in touch with their employees have employees with higher levels of satisfaction and commitment.Here are some tips for you.

1.Discuss “success”- What does it mean? How world it feel? What would it look like?

2. Set goals – Work with the team to identify individual and team goals that they want to pursue.

3. Discuss values – Find out from your team the values that they believe are of utmost important

4. Respect – Build a culture where everyone is treated equally

5. Praise – Make sure that coaches are appropriately praising players. Athletes can also praise each other.

6. Work together – It is key that everyone works together when things become tough.

7. Team building – Develop actives outside of aport so players can get to know each other