【Creating Joyful Atmosphere Together: A Happy Working Environment Originating from a “Warm” Culture at Towngas】

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The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) strives to be a company filled with a joyful and inclusive atmosphere, promoting a “warm” culture. This is manifested through various activities, such as “溫馨最前線” and “中秋陪你果” to express gratitude to colleagues and share the festive joy. Simultaneously, the Company provides a multifunctional resting area, ”Dream Zone“, with various recreational facilities and conducts interest classes regularly. Through the “繽FUN生活每一天” programme, Towngas regularly holds seminars and workshops focusing on enhancing the physical and mental well-being of its staff, encouraging a work-life balance. To promote diversity and inclusion, Towngas held sign language classes and promoted activities that fostered inclusivity and harmony between individuals with and without disabilities, contributing to a socially diverse and inclusive environment.
Furthermore, Towngas organises regular seminars to cover current topics to allow its staff to stay abreast of social trends. These seminars encompass areas such as ESG, smart technology applications, and artificial intelligence. Through its annual SQS (Superior Quality Service) Festival, Towngas employees are encouraged to brainstorm innovative ideas to enhance their work processes. Outstanding teams are invited to showcase their ideas through various performances on SQS Day. The Company also places great importance on talent cultivation and has established various professional training and development programmes, including the Young Towngas Leadership Competence Acceleration Programme and New Gen Programme, to provide young individuals with clear career development paths. Additionally, the Company holds an annual Outstanding Employee Award to acknowledge and commend outstanding achievements.
In 2023, Towngas underwent a renewal of its core values, conveying and reinforcing its staff’s understanding of the company’s philosophy through various activities. The Company emphasises two-way communication channels and regularly holds management sharing sessions, management meetings, and ”Dialogues with Executive Committee Members”.
This year, Towngas was named one of the ”Top 10 Happy Companies To Work For“. This honour recognises the Company’s outstanding performance, reflecting its achievements in corporate management and employee well-being.