【PerksBar:Gamification concept to create a relaxed and enjoyable work environment】

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PerksBar, the pioneer in Hong Kong introducing the concept of “gamification” in HR software, has cultivated a relaxed and cheerful work environment through its unique culture.
To address weekend work stress, PerksBar has adopted the “No Email on Weekend” policy, not only promoting work-life balance but also significantly enhancing weekday engagement and productivity.
To foster team interaction and a joyful atmosphere, PerksBar has implemented real-time communication platforms for instant collaboration. The weekly “Wellness Wednesday” activities have become a highlight, encouraging employees to actively engage in physical and mental well-being activities, further enhancing the overall corporate atmosphere. Regular team-building events, including game lunches and Happy Friday evenings, have not only brought the team closer but have also boosted team morale and job satisfaction.
PerksBar’s commitment to employee wellness has led to remarkable improvements in mental health, job satisfaction, energy levels, engagement, performance, and team morale. As a result of these accomplishments, PerksBar Limited has earned a place among the Top 5 Happy SME to work for in 2023.