The Government announced the launch of Dress Casual Fridays starting this week.

To encourage government employees to participate in more sports and recreational activities during their spare time, they are allowed to dress sporty or casual for work on Fridays. Secretary for the Civil Service Ingrid Yeung said the Government strongly encourages government employees to participate in sports and physical activities during their leisure time to keep up their physical and mental health and maintain a work-life balance.

As this year’s Sport for All Day will take place on August 7, the Government explained that it decided to launch Dress Casual Fridays this week to support colleagues to develop the habit of doing regular physical exercise. The Government also pointed out that the implementation of Dress Casual Fridays does not apply to staff required to wear uniforms or working clothes for operational needs or wear formal attire for attending important events.

The Government takes the lead in raising the importance of paying attention to the well-being of employees and hopes to encourage employers to think about the employee-friendly policy within the company!

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