【Happy Schools Campaign Kicks Off!】

The principal’s voice: “Let’s tell happy education stories”, “Create happiness for our next generation”, “Joy brings motivation and self-affirmation to our children!”

The Happy Schools Campaign launched by the Chief Happiness Officer Association was successfully kicked off! The project is honored to have the full support of Mr.Eddie Ng, the former Secretary of Education and the Honorary Chairman of the Association, and Mrs. Bally Wong, the founder of ABC Group, Ms. June Leung, Chairman of BExcellent Group and Professor Randy Chiu to create a happy growth environment for the next generation of Hong Kong.

The principals and school representatives of more than 30 nominated schools participated in the “Happy Schools Campaign Online Briefing Session” held this morning. Ms Mary Suen, the founder and executive chairman of the association, introduced the details of the scheme, and afterwards principals alternatively expressed their thoughts. We look forward to the program in the coming year, spreading the seeds of happiness in the community.

About Happy Schools Campaign

With reference to the Happy Schools’ Report of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2016 and 2021, the Happy Schools Framework is based on PERMAV Theory – positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement and vitality. It provides a starting point as an integral reference for measuring the quality of learning in schools that looks beyond strictly academic outcomes.

The Happy Schools Campaign Committee for the Chief Happiness Officer Association invites 40 schools to join the 1st phase of the Happy School Campaign. The invited schools will nominate principals, teachers and parents to complete the checklist. Next, our committee members will visit those nominated schools to evaluate the final awardees of each award of the campaign.