Hong Kong people are paying more and more attention to work-life balance. Many companies have introduced new work arrangements and employee benefits to increase their competitiveness and retain and attract talents. Starting next month, Hung Fook Tong’s employees could work from home one day a week and will continue to implement “easy Friday” employees can leave work one hour earlier on Fridays. This act could comprehensively improve their workplace happiness and commitment to the company—a sense of belonging.

Hung Fook Tong said that this arrangement responds to the new normal of work after the epidemic. It not only provides employees with a more flexible working mode but also increases the competitiveness of enterprises in the labor market, which helps to retain and attract talents. The hybrid office model will begin next month, with all office workers able to work remotely from home one day a week. At the same time, other existing family-friendly measures will also be strengthened and continued. The flexible work arrangement will expand the optional period so that employees can leave work as early as 4:30 pm to spend more time with their families or for further study.

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