【IKEA Respects Employees' Uniqueness, Creating Comprehensive Workplace Well-being】

IKEA’s vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people, and to achieve this grand vision, the collective efforts of its employees are indispensable. IKEA is committed to cultivating a high-quality work environment and culture for its employees, with eight core values serving as the foundation of its corporate culture. This commitment has led to the establishment of an inclusive, caring, open, and honest working environment. The company conducts an annual anonymous employee engagement survey, enabling each employee to openly share their perspectives and collaborate with their departments to formulate action plans, thereby driving positive developments within the company.
Concerning personal development, whether at the store or office level, IKEA encourages employees to take charge of their career development. The company provides appropriate personal counselling, performance development plans, and diverse employee training assistance.
In addition, IKEA offers spacious and well-designed office spaces, including open work areas, dedicated collaborative spaces, break areas, and lactation rooms to meet various employee needs. The company actively promotes physical and mental well-being measures, such as workshops, lectures, and FIKA (coffee time). Additionally, it provides fresh fruits weekly, contributing to the overall enhancement of employees’ physical and mental health.
In 2023, IKEA was honoured with the CHO Appreciation Award 2023, recognized as one of the “Top 10 Happy Company to Work For.” This achievement highlights IKEA’s success in integrating its corporate culture into every detail, not only dedicated to improving customer lives but also profoundly influencing the working experience and quality of life for its employees.