【Quiet quitting: A new workplace trend to achieve work-life balance】

A new term from Chinese youngsters “Tang ping” has become the trend recently, which means to live without desires and pressures. There is another wave of workplace trends called “Quiet quitting” in the American workplace.

Quiet quitting means that you no longer devote all your life and time to work, but emphasize the concept of work-life balance. Though the trend of quiet quitting might face some negative effects potentially, such as decreased productivity and lack of employee loyalty. However, a company believes active encouragement may help resolve the situation.

Gergo Vari is the founder and CEO of the app Lensa. Their team highly focuses on the phase in which employees are still willing to express their opinions before employees get into quiet quitting, he said. He also believes that negative emotions could avoid continued fermentation if the company encourages employees to express their feelings.

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