【Symbiotic business philosophy, joyful work culture - Canon Hong Kong awarded 'Top 10 Happiest Company Award】

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As a global leader in optical imaging products, Canon has always upheld its corporate philosophy of “Kyosei”, which emphasizes living and working together for the common good. Canon Hong Kong believes that a happy and healthy workplace can enhance job satisfaction, strengthen the sense of belonging and happiness among employees, and more importantly, safeguard their psychological wellness. Their office is designed with an open layout and optimized work processes through business solutions. Indoor spinning bikes and dedicated wellness rooms equipped with refrigerators, massage chairs and lounge chairs enable employees to embrace work challenges with smiles.
Since 2021, Canon Hong Kong has launched a series of corporate culture activities that prioritize physical and mental health of employees, placing their well-being and family support as top priorities. During festive seasons, their President and CEO lead morning tours, dressing up as Santa Claus or the God of Wealth, sharing holiday blessings and gifts. Every afternoon, their company broadcasts stretching videos, allowing employees to stretch their muscles and promote office health. Through establishment of the Staff Recreation Club, they organize various recreational activities and set up a corporate volunteer team that focuses on “Imaging for Good” as an overall direction, engaging in diverse social welfare initiatives to spread the culture of happiness to the community.
Plentiful resources have been invested in providing individual and team training programs as well as educational subsidies for their employees. Moreover, their headquarters has implemented the “Rolling Stone Program,” which allows nominated staff to work in Canon offices worldwide and engage in learning experience exchanges with overseas colleagues.
Canon has garnered exceptional achievements, making it one of the Top 10 Happy Companies To Work For 2023.