The Association successfully held the second online board meeting of our advisors this morning. Special thanks to more than 20 industry leaders who attended the meeting and embarked on meaningful business talks under the leadership of the founder and executive chairman of the Association, Ms. Mary Suen. It is an honor to invite Mr. Eddie Ng, our Honorary Chairman, to deliver a welcoming speech. Mr. Ng is delighted to witness the recognition and support of cross-sector leaders since the establishment of the Association. It is happy to attract many well-known celebrities to join us in a short period. He appreciated all the joint efforts of all parties to allow the Association to create miracles and strengthen the confidence of the members of the Association. Mr. Ng especially mentioned that the Association has recently received support from the business and educational sectors and will soon launch several large-scale activities in Hong Kong, including the CHO Appreciation Awards and the Happy Schools Campaign. He hopes to see participation and attention from all walks of life continually. 

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