【45% of Hongkongers rather happy workplace than jobs: Survey】

In Hong Kong, 45% of employees would rather be jobless than feel unhappy at work, quoted from a survey report launched by Randstad, a recruitment agency. 62% of Gen Zers aged 18 to 24 agreed with it, which reflects having fulfilling and meaningful careers become more important to Hongkongers.

Randstad’s survey was conducted between 21st February to 13th March this year, which involved 1000 locally-based respondents aged between 18 and 67 years old. 44% of respondents working in Hong Kong said that they have once quit their jobs because it did not fit with their personal life, 10% higher than the global average. 55% of Hongkongers said that their personal life is more important than their work life.

The survey also mentioned that employees have had to endure additional responsibilities while working from home due to glancing at the pandemic that is far from over. The blurring of boundaries between work and personal time makes employees have clocked unnecessary overtime.

The ability to offer a proper work-life balance and fair compensation is essential for companies to retain talent in Hong Kong, said Randstad. Companies have to be aware that Hongkongers want to feel valued for their work contributions as well as be able to find a purpose in the city.

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