【AXA HK builds a healthy and happy workplace with innovative and diversified approaches】

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Employees’ happiness and well-being are always the top priority of AXA Hong Kong & Macau (AXA HK or the Company), therefore, AXA HK has organised various initiatives to enhance the holistic wellness of its employees, such as the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training. Additionally, AXA HK offers insurance coverage that allows employees to access a wide range of mind health specialists for consultations and counselling services.
In order to promote awareness on mental and physical health, AXA HK organises a series of events like the annual “Healthy You Days” wellbeing campaign, which aims to encourage colleagues to prioritise self-care and live healthier lives. During the campaign, the Company hosts various programmes including wellbeing webinars, on-site body checks, and mindfulness workshops.
The Company values collaboration and appreciation. Therefore, AXA HK has launched “HUMA by AXA”, an employee engagement mobile app, which allows its employee to send appreciations to their colleagues to recognise their contributions. Also, the Company has introduced the “AXA Hall of Courage” to encourage cross-functional projects that demonstrate exceptional collaboration and achieve extraordinary results, which further promote AXA HK as a positive and happy workplace.
With AXA HK’s commitment to employee wellbeing contributes to their recognition as one of the “Top 10 Happy Companies to Work For 2023”. This is not only an affirmation of their relentless pursuit of employee happiness, but also underpins its excellent culture, providing employees a fulfilling, interesting and challenging work experience.