In addition to the “Summer Workday” piloted by New World Development earlier, in order to allow employees to enjoy greater flexibility and freedom in their personal lives, HKBN has also implemented “Life and Work Prioritization” in recent years, and launched a number of talent-friendly programs. The measures not only shorten the working hours of the company’s talents, but also every month employees will have one Friday to work only half-day, that is, one week of each month will be 4.5 days of work.

HKBN also has many holiday benefits, including family care leave, annual leave, volunteer leave, adoption leave, and child leave, among which the adoption leave is up to 14 days. In addition, HKBN has launched the “grandchildren leave” in 2017. Employees who have just become grandparents can enjoy 3 days of “grandchildren leave” as long as they submit a photo of their newborn baby in the same family as proof. , so that employees are fully engaged in welcoming new members of the family. It is a good CHO practice for us to learn from!