Hong Kong Disneyland announced that it will provide all eligible employees with up to two days of paid leave called “charging days” in the second half of 2022, hoping that employees will have more time to rest. Chen Huijuan, vice president of human resources at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, pointed out that this new holiday is 100% full-time pay and applies to front-line and back-office full-time employees. In addition, the paternity leave benefits of Hong Kong Disneyland have been covered by the newly established parental leave, from the original 5 days of paternity leave to 3 weeks of parental leave, this is definitely good news for working children!

According to statistics, some employers in Hong Kong, in addition to providing statutory holidays under the Employment Ordinance of the Labour Department, sometimes provide additional holidays as employee benefits to attract talents, among which birthday leave is a more common special holiday benefit. Some companies will allow employees to take any day off during the birthday month of their choice, so that employees can have time to celebrate with relatives and friends. It is a good reference for corporates to advance their employee benefits to increase team’s happiness level in workplace!