【Joy and Excellence in Transformation: AsiaWorld-Expo Cultivates a New Work Culture Amid the Pandemic】

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Faced with the immense challenges brought about by the pandemic, AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited (AWE) has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability. The company swiftly mobilized 3,600 people to transform its 70,000-square-meter venue into community quarantine centre and treatment facility, showcasing exceptional teamwork.
On another front, AWE has equally emphasized its cohesion. The company not only organizes regular employee engagement events, such as annual dinners and Christmas parties, but also launched a team-building program with the theme “We are ONE Team” in 2022, aiming to strengthen trust, understanding, and appreciation among internal teams. AsiaWorld-Expo also organizes informal gatherings with the management, such as dinners with the CEO, creating memorable moments among colleagues.
AWE is also deeply concerned about the overall health of its employees. Initiatives like Green Tuesday provide free fruit and vegetarian menus to employees. Monthly wellness workshops and sports activities are organized to promote physical and mental well-being. At the same time, AWE focuses on the professional development of its employees, offering over 4,300 hours of training. Its flexible work policies, digitized processes, and enhanced benefits reflect a long-term commitment to employee well-being.
In 2023, AWE was awarded the “CHO Team Performance Award,” a significant recognition of their outstanding achievements in various aspects and a testament to their continuous efforts in pursuing excellence.