【KING STYLE Redefining the Culture of Decoration Companies for Joyful Work and Harmonious Teams】

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Employees are the most valuable assets of a company, and KING STYLE Decoration Design & Contracting deeply understands this truth. The company believes that only in a joyful work environment can employees enhance work efficiency and prevent talent loss. To maintain this pleasant culture, the company regularly organizes gatherings and social activities to promote trust and care among colleagues. On birthdays, the company expresses appreciation to employees with small gifts. Additionally, the company adopts flexible working hours, abandoning the traditional supervisory management model to establish a more harmonious team atmosphere.
The company emphasizes the importance of altruism, compassion, integrity, and a culture of mutual assistance in creating a happy home for guests. It also encourages employees to share knowledge and cultivate a spirit of collaboration. Regular dining gatherings not only bring colleagues closer together but also invite partners to participate, expanding the company’s social network and attracting more talented individuals to the company.
In the exploration of talent and the application of technology, the company continually strives for innovation. By organizing talent recruitment and sharing events in colleges and institutions, it has successfully attracted professionals from various fields, while also integrating fresh talents to drive the development of the decoration industry. Additionally, in the new year, the company firmly believes in enhancing service quality through the “hive concept”. Furthermore, the company has introduced tablets and mini TVs for work, enhancing work efficiency and ensuring competitiveness in the market.
KING STYLE Decoration Design & Contracting was honored with the CHO Appreciation Award 2023 – SME Award, commending its management philosophy of realizing a happy culture.