【Mystic Island: Integrating Art, Love, and Care to Create a Happy Story in the Vineyard】

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Located in Shandong Province’s Penglai wine region, Mystic Island Winery skillfully combines art, love, and care into its operations to provide a genuinely magical experience. The team, which includes local farmers, experts in grape growing, and estate masters from Canada and New Zealand, is headed by the owner, Ms. Rita. This diverse workforce fosters an inclusive culture by embodying a spirit of mutual aid, respect, open-mindedness, and continual learning. In 2023, Mystic Island was recognized as “Top 5 Happy SME to Work For.”
Within this ethereal estate, Rita infuses the concepts of humanities, ecology, and art. In addition to playing music in the workplace, she organizes various activities for the employees, such as Mother’s Day family tours, where they can indulge in wine tasting, enjoy afternoon tea, and bask in the breathtaking beauty of the sunset. These initiatives create a relaxed and pleasant working environment, prioritizing the well-being of the team members. The people-centric culture nurtures a sense of belonging, transforming Xiandao Winery into a vibrant and dynamic enterprise.
Rita has actively supported local job opportunities and brewing methods and grape farming from the winery’s founding, demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility. In addition, she supports female workers in finding their own identities and worth at work with the goal of promoting an inclusive and egalitarian society. By putting social responsibility first and caring for the welfare of its staff, Mystic Island has developed into a center for both cultural interchange and local development in addition to being a top-notch wine producer.