【Promoting QHMS activities within the healthcare organization to foster a culture of happiness and collaboration in the workplace】

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As a private healthcare provider in Hong Kong, Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited (QHMS) understand the importance of their people’s well-being and strive to provide a healthy and happy workplace for their people.
QHMS provide wellness activities to encourage their people to take care of their mental and physical health, e.g. steps challenge on the Blua Health app and Mini Olympics. The employee-led Smile Team also helps organize different wellness classes, for example, online yoga classes and running classes. This year, QHMS uplifts their wellness benefits as well to encourage their employees to better manage their own health.
QHMS also provides mental wellness workshops to frontline employees to help them manage their stress and relax. Work-life balance is encouraged through events like Quality Healthcare Family Fun Day, where employees can bring their families together for a day of fun and connect with other colleagues.
In terms of People & Organization Transformation, the company offers a training pathway for their frontline employees to build their own career path. They provide training on various soft-skills and management skills through different development programs, e.g. individual development program, “People First Talent Development Program” and “Talent Community”, to build their talent pool, to help their people reach their full potential and achieve their goals, and build a happy working culture.
By virtue of their exceptional achievements, QHMS merited the “Top 10 Happy Company To Work For” award in recognition of their commitment to ensuring employee happiness by prioritizing employees’ wellbeing.