【Unleashing Radiant Workplace Bliss: Shattering the Icy Myths of IT Environments】

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ASK IT Limited is a company that places significant emphasis on employee happiness through a range of initiatives spanning different areas. In the sphere of Corporate Wellness, the company highly values its employees and recognizes their pivotal role in ensuring customer satisfaction.
To promote physical well-being, the company organizes a fitness challenge following festive occasions, accompanied by cash rewards. This initiative not only allows employees to feel rejuvenated but also provides an opportunity for them to exchange tips on maintaining healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, the company has implemented a “Wall of Wishes” where employees can express their desires for snacks or work-related tools. These wishes are regularly reviewed and fulfilled, fostering a sense of fulfillment and belonging among the staff. Additionally, the company extends life insurance coverage to all permanent employees, ensuring their overall well-being and solidifying their sense of unity with the organization. Consequently, these efforts contribute significantly to high levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.
The company also places considerable importance on People & Organization Transformation, leveraging technology and digital solutions to enhance operational efficiency. By adopting a paperless policy and storing documents on the cloud, the company streamlined filing procedures and promoted flexibility in workspace arrangements. The management team consistently evaluates and introduces digital tools to standardize procedures, mitigate confusion, and ensure that all team members are aligned. Vigilant monitoring of staff performance and workload enables the identification of areas for improvement. Consequently, workflows are streamlined, and the introduction of standardization and automation optimizes service quality.
Furthermore, the company provides free training and subsidies to support employee skill development. Initiatives such as the book sharing club, where employees exchange knowledge from influential works like “7 Habits,” and work practice classes cultivate the right work attitude and equip employees with updated skills and knowledge to meet evolving customer demands.
The company fosters a sense of unity and inclusiveness through their Oneness Team initiatives. Various enjoyable events and celebrations, including annual dinners and festival activities, are organized throughout the year to promote employee happiness and boost morale. Encouraging the participation of employees’ friends and family in these activities further enhances the shared sense of joy. The company values diversity and actively welcomes individuals from different backgrounds and with varying character traits. To strengthen team bonding, monthly team lunches and occasional cross-departmental gatherings are sponsored, fostering a collaborative and harmonious work environment.
In order to maintain an open and transparent workplace, all staff members, including the founder, work in an open area. This arrangement facilitates interaction, accessibility, and the free flow of information. Team leaders sit alongside their team members, creating an environment of intimacy and encouraging open communication. Market news is promptly shared and discussed, ensuring that all employees are well-informed. This transparency contributes to an effective decision-making and instills a sense of trust and cohesion among the workforce.
In conclusion, ASK IT’s unwavering focus on employee happiness through initiatives centered around corporate wellness, people and organization transformation, fostering unity, and maintaining transparency creates a positive work environment. This environment promotes high levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. Ultimately, contributing to the company’s overall success. Because of their remarkable accolades, ASK IT is awarded as Top 5 Happy SME To Work For 2023.