The COVID epidemic is raging again. The government will launch the sixth round of “Anti-epidemic Fund” (AEF 6.0), allocating more than HK$26 billion to support more than 40 affected industries such as catering, beauty, tourism, Education, security, retail, etc., support practitioners in hard-hit industries and front-line personnel who have been contributing to the fight against the epidemic.


One of our CHO Appreciation Awards 2021 winners, Infinitus Plaza, also provided hardship allowances to frontline employees during the early stage of epidemic. Mr. Desmond Leung, Director of Property Investment and Asset Management at Infinitus Plaza, believes that Infinitus Plaza, as a service-oriented enterprise, treats employee happiness as the top talent management task. Therefore, during a stressful time, providing additional financial support can make employees feel cared and valued. In addition to how to protect the health and safety of employees in adversity, it is worth thinking about how to empathize and understand the needs of employees.