“Be My Own CHO” Campaign

【Now accepting nominations】"Be My Own CHO” Campaign

Every successful company has a group of behind-the-scenes heroes. No matter what position they are in, they will do their best to silently contribute to the company, complete every task, and infect their peers to help the company move forward.

To honor these behind-the-scenes heroes, build a platform for them to share positive messages, and help companies develop a culture of appreciation, the Chief Happiness Officer Association has launched the “I am the Chief Happiness Officer at Work” program. Members of the Chief Happiness Officer Association, Chief Happiness Officer Appreciation Awards 2021 winners, CHOA advisory team and members of the Organizing Committee are now invited to nominate. Each company can have a maximum of 2 nominations per quarter. The deadline for nominations for the first quarter is 2022. August 15.

For details of the scheme, please refer to the attached scheme introduction and nomination form. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Mary Suen @ 9608 8888 for enquiry; we look forward to your nomination!


Program details:


  • Every successful corporate has a cadre of secret superheroes .They are the talents who make things happen, get things done and inspire others with their innovation and foresight. They could be any position in the corporate and can assist the corporate going the extra mile. Unfortunately , many of these superhe roes are hiding in plain sight.
  • There are significant researches and studies show that appreciation for employees is essential for the corporate s success. Employee appreciation helps to boost employee engagement, positively affect employee productivity and motivation. I t is also a great way to improve employee health, satisfaction and well being.
  • Thus,Chief Happiness Officer Association is glad to launch Be My Own CHO Campaign 『 我是職場首席快樂官 』 計劃 to set up a platform showing our appreciation for all the secret super heroes. The superheroes will be nominated as Chief Happiness Officer Ambassador and pledge the positive messages to public.


  • To build a platform appreciating the potential Chief Happiness Officer Ambassador in different corporates.
  • To pledge the positive messages to public through sharing the potential Chief Happiness Officer Ambassadors stories.
  • To co create a culture of appreciation, happy and healthy environment in every organization.
  • To create a signature event for Chief Happiness Office r Association in the long run.


  • Be My Own CHO Campaign 『 我是職場首席快樂官 』 計劃 is a long term event and CHOA will organize Award Presentation Ceremony quarterly.
  • I nvite 2021 CHO Appreciation Awardees Steering Committee members and Chief
    Happiness Officer Association members for nomination in the initial stage Open invitation will be sent to different corporates afterwards.
  • Every corporate can have up to 2 nominations in each quarter and it is free for nomination.
  • Sponsorship for the Award Presentation Ceremony is highly appreciated, e.g. coupon and gift to awardees.


  • To nominate the potential Chief Happiness Officer Ambassador, corporates have to submit
    the followings:

 i.1 page nomination form in cluding personal information of potential Chief Happiness Officer  Ambassador

ii.3 mins video including potential Chief Happiness Officer Ambassador′s self introduction , their touching stories, sharing of superior and colleagues

  • Consolidate the potential Ch ief Happiness Officer Ambassador s stories and share in different social media platform, e.g. Chief Happiness Officer Association website, Facebook page, LinkedIn page and YouTube channel. T he platform is open for like and comment function to facilitate th e interaction with public.
  • The judging panel reviews all the nominations against the criteria set out for Chief Happiness Officer Ambassador.
  • Organize Be My Own CHO Quarterly Award Presentation Ceremony and Chief Happiness Officer Ambassador award will be presented to all nominees . Their superior, colleagues as well as their family members are invited to join the presentation ceremony to spread the happiness from the workplace to their families and the community.
  • T he first Be My Own CHO Quarterly Award P resentation Ceremony will be arra nged in September 2022 .
  • Organize Be My Own CHO Annual Award Presentation Ceremony to appreciate Top 10 Chief Happiness Officer Ambassador . Online voting is opened for the public and steering committee members.
  • Organize Chief Happiness Officer Ambassador Alumni and arrange periodically sharing sessions & exchange tour to sustain the momentum and widen their horizon.


The potential Chief Happiness Officer Ambassador must b e w orked in the company for more than 2 years and demonstrate

 the following criteria :

    • Systemic Systemic
    • CreativeCreative
    • Altruist Altruist
    • Dynamic Dynamic
    • PositivePositive
    • OptimistOptimist
    • Empathetic Empathetic
    •  Cheerful Cheerful
    • Visionary Visionary
    • High Adversity QuotientHigh Adversity Quotient


Nomination from 2021 CHO Appreciation Awardees, Steering Committee
members and Chief Happiness Officer Association members
27 Jun – 15 Aug
Consolidate the stories and publish in
different social media platform
4 Jul – 16 Sept
Review all the nominations by the Judging Panel16 Aug – 31 Aug
Invite the nominees, their superior, colleagues and family members to attend the award presentation ceremony1 Sept
Be My Own CHO Quarterly Award Presentation CeremonySept
(Actual date & venue to be confirmed)


    • Nominate corporates superheroes to join the campaign
    • Sponsor the rewards for Chief Happiness Officer Ambassadors and presentation ceremony
    • Share the Chief Happiness Officer Ambassadors stories through corporates online and offline channel
    • Share the campaign with corporates clients
    • Support the Be My Own CHO Quarterly & Annual Award Presentation Ceremony