The epidemic has lasted for more than two years. In response to the epidemic prevention policy, our CHO Appreciation Award 2021 winning organization “Dialogue In The Dark (HK) Foundation” has also closed many times. It has been closed for 300 days so far. In the face of the fifth wave of the epidemic, the organization is facing closure again. The financial situation is even more dire, but they still believe and align with their purpose, and continue to move forward! Especially during the closing period, they provide a series of caring services for the elderly and disadvantaged groups. They need the support of the public to continue the future, empowering diverse talents to care for the disadvantaged groups in the community and build an inclusive society.

In “Dialogue In The Dark (HK) Foundation”, “multi-talented talents” refer to different disabled people in the society (such as visually impaired, deaf, etc.), they all have unique abilities, and the “Dark Dialogue” platform allows them to exert their strengths, It is their mission to create social benefits together with “multi-talented talents”.

A clear and contagious common mission can increase talent’s enthusiasm for work, and promote happiness and resilience!

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