【Viewco: Transformative Innovation, People-Centric Approach, and Cultivating a Happy Corporate Culture】

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In the face of the challenges posed by the new normal and the era of Industry 4.0, Viewco Building Services & Engineering Company Limited 偉保工程有限公司 has embarked on a transformative journey to embrace innovative technologies and respond to the ever-changing business environment. The company continuously broadens its horizons and fosters ongoing learning within the team through participation in various activities, including domestic visits, exhibitions, business association meetings, ESG and Sustainable development events.
Furthermore, Viewco is grounded in the philosophy of being “people-centric” and actively promotes internal training, engagement in relevant courses, strengthened collaboration with partners, and a focus on employee growth and the preservation of corporate culture. Through the establishment of a talent pool and continuous transformation, the company has achieved remarkable success in the field of sustainable development.
To create a joyful working environment, Viewco is committed to fostering and paying attention to the psychological well-being of its employees. This not only enhances employee loyalty and a sense of belonging but also promotes the stable development of the company. By implementing flexible working hours, remote work, and other flexible measures, the company strives to balance work and life effectively.
Viewco has established a comprehensive employee feedback mechanism, encouraging employees to share opinions and suggestions. Through employee involvement in company decision-making, they feel valued and respected, leading to increased satisfaction and happiness. The company emphasizes individual strengths and outstanding performance in project operations, encouraging self-affirmation and appreciation of others. This has fostered a positive praise and appreciation culture, further motivating employees’ enthusiasm for their work.
In recognition of their achievement in creating a happy corporate culture, Viewco was honored with the CHO Company, providing significant acknowledgment for their efforts.